October 4, 2017


About us

Pure Marks, the Art of Senses
In arts it’s all about senses; tasting, smelling, listening.
Be open to new flavours, images, sounds.
We aim to offer pure, honest experiences, that melt in your soul.
In our store we stand for a pure approach; preparing a waffle, fresh ice cream or cappuccino with great care.
No fake smile but personal contact.

About Daniella Marks

Favourite chillerphine: Cocos ice cream.
Other soulmelts: Painting, watching art.
Quote: “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated” [Gandhi]

About Marc van den Eertwegh

Favoriete chillerphine: Vers gedraaid vanille ijs. Favourite chillerphine: Fresh vanilla ice cream.
Wat smelt nog meer in de ziel: Muziek, acteren, regisseren, schrijven. Other soulmelts: Music, acting, directing, writing.
Quote: “Where there is happiness, we find pleasure in nonsense.”. [Nietzsche]